Elicuisine® croissant maker
16 homemade croissants in a few minutes!
Sweet or savoury, the famous croissant is popular with young and old. With the help of this very effective croissant maker, you can produce original and sophisticated croissants in only a few minutes ... and everyone will ask for more! Clips together and can be dismantled for easy storage. In ...More information
plastic. Diameter: 37.5 cm.

- - 1/ Place the croissant maker on the dough and press.
- - 2/ Spread the mixture with the spatula.
- - 3/ Roll the croissants towards the tip.
- - 4/ Place in the oven for 15 minutes. They're ready!
- 16 mini croissants or 8 large croissants
- 1 side: small croissants
- 1 side: large croissants

Elicuisine® croissant maker Available
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