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The 16 piece Gingham cutlery set "red & white"

The 16 piece Gingham cutlery set "red & white" or "blue & white" FREE with your order*. Good looks, joy in living and longevity are the watchwords of the collections produced by L’Art de la Table®. Every line created, whether in the forks, the knives the spoons or other accessories, bears witness to a thorough mastery of form and materials. And the inspiration of the stylists can be seen in the smallest details. This superb Cutlery Set which is a combination of elegance and tradition is a wonderful expression of both and is ready to take its place on the stylish tables you are going to set. The simplicity of the pattern, the purity of line and the sparkle of the metal … Everything is here for truly elegant entertaining. Something which says much about your hosting skills, and which will delight all your guests.

The Complete Cutlery Set:
- 4 forks
- 4 knives
- 4 soup spoons
- 4 dessert spoons
These 16 pieces are stainless steel

The perfectly ergonomic handle balances out the superior quality stainless steel and the result is remarkable in every way. Young and old will be delighted both with your culinary talents and the conviviality around your table. And they will thank you for the exquisite moments you have given them. Both on the terrace and in the dining room, your cutlery combines all the qualities associated with good taste and stands out: it is totally charming!

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted.

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The 10 piece storage set

The 10 piece storage set Cuisine & Traditions FREE* with your order. This gift will quickly become irreplaceable! As these 2 piece containers will prove useful to you in a multitude of different ways. Easy to store, and multipurpose, they allow you to store food while wonderfully preserving its flavour … and they are always ready to reheat some of your best loved secret recipes. These containers are particularly hardwearing, can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to + 100°C and are suitable for any type of journey. So you can take them to your workplace or to a picnic without worry. The lids are perfectly airtight. Which guarantees that the content is perfectly stored and avoids any danger of it spilling. They are nonporous and reusable. In plain terms, they absorb neither colour, nor odour, nor fat and can be washed in no time at all.

* Free with your order. While stocks last.

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Vibrating massage cushion

The vibrierendes massage-kissen* FREE with your order. Has your day been difficult and particularly stressful? Are your muscles tired? Relax with this delightful massage cushion : it will do you the world of good. Simple to use, easy to care for and super soft, this one will get everybody's vote. Its vibrations help to gently channel the body's energy ease troublesome stiffness and soothe sensitive areas... So don't wait to give it a special place in your world, it will bring you real happiness!

Nape of the neck, shoulders, lower back and legs … Its size and adapted shape allows it to massage different parts of the body effectively. Choose the mode which suits you and let it get on with it. This extremely soft Cushion produces relaxing sensations which rival those of shiatsu. Thanks to its exclusive technology, thousands of small beads which vibrate in unison, it creates pressure waves which are more benficial than a manual massage.

5 vibration modes
Size: 35 x 14 x 14 cm approximately

* Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted.

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Multifunction household appliance

A Multifunction household appliance FREE with your order.

* See our terms and conditions.

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