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The Set of 3 Storage Bags

The Set of 3 Storage Bags* FREE with your order. The “essential requirement” for effective storage, is that everything has its own place and is well protected. No problem … With three different sizes, these superb Storage Bags are here to help you get organised and save precious space whatever room you put them in; The stylists have designed them in colours which are both sparkling and easy on the eye: a great way to add an original touch to your living space and highlight the personality of your home. The inside is coated to make it waterproof. So you can store your bottles of perfume in it and other beauty products: without any danger of seeing them spilling all over a shelf. When you no longer need them, just flatten them quickly and they will take up the minimum amount of space. You can even take them on holiday!

- 20 x 16 x 14 cm (s)
- 28 x 20 x 16 (m)
- 32 x 25 x 18 (l)

Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted. Depending on availability of stocks. Photos are not contractually binding. In the event of stock outage, IDEAS Comfort reserves the right to replace your gift with an item of equivalent or higher value or with a voucher for £6.

To benefit from this offer, quote gift code: L5WB

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The JOLLY BAG® Thermal Bag

The JOLLY BAG® Thermal Bag FREE* with your order. Preserve the frozen products which you have bought, throughout the journey home … Preserve children’s or adults’ food at the perfect temperature, ideal for family outings … Thanks to the JOLLY BAG®, shopping and other trips will no longer be a headache: you are now prepared for all eventualities. More lightweight and aesthetic than many of its competitors, this model is part of an ultra-hard wearing and very practical range of thermal bags. Its many qualities make it a real must when it comes to keeping a picnic or drinks cold during summer or keeping meals hot in winter. The thermal lining may lose its preservation capacities if it is dirty. So, you will need to clean it from time to time. Just rub it with a sponge soaked in hot water, with a little lemon juice added if needed, to eliminate smells. Its large capacity is one of its strong points. There’s nothing like it for a quick trip to your frozen food shop. If you haven’t got much time for cooking, it’ll do the job… Helping you make creative and balanced meals! With their special coating, these handles are very comfortable to grip. If you go for a walk - and take a snack for example - you are bound to appreciate it. Once folded, your bag takes up the minimum amount of space. It’s perfect for slipping into the bottom of your suitcase when you’re going on holiday, or into a corner of the car boot so you always have it to hand. Capacity: 30 litres +.

To benefit from this offer, quote code: K5WB

The 16 piece Gingham cutlery set "red & white"

The 16 piece Gingham cutlery set "red & white" or "blue & white" FREE with your order*. Good looks, joy in living and longevity are the watchwords of the collections produced by L’Art de la Table®. Every line created, whether in the forks, the knives the spoons or other accessories, bears witness to a thorough mastery of form and materials. And the inspiration of the stylists can be seen in the smallest details. This superb Cutlery Set which is a combination of elegance and tradition is a wonderful expression of both and is ready to take its place on the stylish tables you are going to set. The simplicity of the pattern, the purity of line and the sparkle of the metal … Everything is here for truly elegant entertaining. Something which says much about your hosting skills, and which will delight all your guests.

The Complete Cutlery Set:
- 4 forks
- 4 knives
- 4 soup spoons
- 4 dessert spoons
These 16 pieces are stainless steel

The perfectly ergonomic handle balances out the superior quality stainless steel and the result is remarkable in every way. Young and old will be delighted both with your culinary talents and the conviviality around your table. And they will thank you for the exquisite moments you have given them. Both on the terrace and in the dining room, your cutlery combines all the qualities associated with good taste and stands out: it is totally charming!

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted.

To benefit from this offer, quote code: H5WB

The 10 piece storage set

The 10 piece storage set Cuisine & Traditions FREE* with your order. This gift will quickly become irreplaceable! As these 2 piece containers will prove useful to you in a multitude of different ways. Easy to store, and multipurpose, they allow you to store food while wonderfully preserving its flavour … and they are always ready to reheat some of your best loved secret recipes. These containers are particularly hardwearing, can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to + 100°C and are suitable for any type of journey. So you can take them to your workplace or to a picnic without worry. The lids are perfectly airtight. Which guarantees that the content is perfectly stored and avoids any danger of it spilling. They are nonporous and reusable. In plain terms, they absorb neither colour, nor odour, nor fat and can be washed in no time at all.

* Free with your order. While stocks last.

To benefit from this offer, quote code: G5WB

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