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A magnificent gift from the "Magic of sound and image"

Plus, a magnificent gift from the "Magic of sound and image" selection will also be yours FREE with your order*. The Palmes d'or of Rewards also gives you access to this Selection: the highest prize rewards! As our Quality Department again reminded me this morning, it is a really exceptional Gift that is being offered to you, free with your order- a branded radio, to indicate our gratitude. And it would be a shame to dither … Can you imagine? A Gift of such quality, TOTALLY FREE? Many will envy you, but everyone will be happy at the just outcome of events. Such a special gift can only strongly highlight the esteem and the consideration which we have for you. So, hurry...

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted

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The duo of Guy de Vintal Watches

The duo of Guy de Vintal Watches AS A FREE* GIFT. With this exceptional duo you can join the inner circle of owners of “Guy de Vintal” watches. These out of the ordinary watches will help you to appreciate the discreet style of beautiful, simple and perfect things … As days, hours and seconds pass, their style and brilliance will leave their mark … To make you stand out at every glance, and every moment! For you, the signature
“Guy de Vintal” is the guarantee a unique creation and of a manufacture which is meticulous in the smallest details. Strap, watch face, mechanism, everything has been minutely designed and made to create a small stir in the watchmaking world of 2016. ... Yes, everything in this prestigious duo
reflects a certain idea of Parisian luxury. A luxury which can be shared by two: one for HER, the other for HIM! Timeless, harmonious and elegant, these “time keepers” will be your loyal companion during your favourite times of day.

Characteristics of duo watches :
- Case in chromed alloy diameter 32 mm (Men’s version) and 27 mm (Ladies’ version)
- 3 hands and embossed metal numbers
- Crocodile style strap with double loops, decorated with top stitching
- Serrated winder
- ”Guy de Vintal” branding on the back of the case

Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted.

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Delightful Songbird Duo

A Superb Gift FREE FOR YOU The Delightful Couple of Songbirds! Your two happy blue tits will begin to singa pretty Tune , every time you pass! These radiant and delightful blue tits, will charm and amuse all your friends and family. Find the ideal place for this Charming couple to appear as they deserve : near to you in the kitchen, in a corridor or outside on your patio ! Sweet Melodious Singing will accompany you every time you pass, thanks to its motion sensor: a real delight for children … and adults ! A very beautiful, high quality reproduction, worthy of a sculpture : finely worked details, very natural expression and delicate colours … your 2 blue tits are almost real !

In Polyresin, resistant to bad weather. Fitted with a motion sensor. Works with 2 1.5 volt batteries, not provided. Dimensions: 115 x 115 mm approx. Photos are not contractually binding

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